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Political commentator turns pro wrestler.

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Anne Coulter. How many of you just booed? Probably most of you. If you didn’t, and you wanted to, feel free to go back and read those names again and boo, I will wait…ready? Did you boo? I’ll bet a few of you went back to boo a second time, but I digress. I usually try to stay clear of politics on this blog – save for when a political viewpoint comes up in another topic – but I feel something needs to be done about people like the aforementioned three. I do not advocate taking away their constitutional right to free speech and I do not advocate any sort of punishment for their views. They have the right to speak their minds and they have the right to their own opinions, just like anyone else in this country. But geez, when these three open their yaps, people get mad. Limbaugh, Coulter, and Beck are always trying to pick a fight. It is almost as if they would rather be professional wrestlers instead of political commentators! Well, maybe a career change should be in order for these three (and others like these three) – maybe they should become professional wrestlers.

Oh, but who would they fight? That’s easy. We could take some young wrestlers trying to make a name for themselves and dress them up as issues the aforementioned three favorite pet peeve issues. Imagine Rush Limbaugh going against health care – literally. Imagine Anne Coulter going against gun control in a no holds bare, three round match. Glen Beck would not have to verbally slam churches that preach social justice, he could just body slam churches that preach social justice!

Oh, but this isn’t fair! Why does it only have to be the conservatives? Where are the liberals? As far as I’m concerned, they can join the party too. I have no problem with Randi Rhodes stepping into the ring; she’s tough enough. Perhaps Michael Moore or even Janeane Garofalo wouldn’t mind throwing a few punches at corporate America.  Oh, and it gets better; the conservatives could even go head to head with the liberals! I don’t know one liberal who would not want to throw a few punches at Rush, though better not throw any pies at Coulter.

And, the action does not have to stop at political commentators. Imagine inviting politicians into the ring. I could just see it…a fight between Al Gore and George W Bush! Heck, if we had this system in place, we could have had the whole hanging chad thing settled outside of the courts! Winner takes the presidency! Ok, ok, maybe that’s a little too far – political office should be won by voting, not violence, but you all get my drift.

The older I get, the more politics sickens me. I really don’t mind it when people speak their mind. Heck, I’m famous for speaking my own mind. There is, however, a line to be aware of when speaking one’s mind. Some people just don’t care about the other side. If one side says chicken is delicious, the other side will say chicken tastes like crap. If side A says the sky is blue, side B will say the sky is orange. Moreover, both sides always have “proof;” both sides always have to be right. It is almost as if some of them are (cough) making it up as they go along (cough). It is almost like these full-grown adults are behaving like children on the playground! Furthermore, some of these people are so ingrained in what they believe that they’ve forgotten that beliefs can change. I would love to put a tap on Rush Limbaugh’s brain and see what his real thoughts are. It would be hysterical if Rush is a closet socialist. What if Michael Moore really does not care about the welfare of downsized workers? I would be surprised if either was true mind you, but one never knows! I don’t really advocate violence – wrestling especially, but the theatrics of wrestling and the theatrics of political commentary hold so many similarities! The biggest difference between wrestling and political commentary is that wrestlers don’t actually pretend to be intelligent.

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