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    Resetting Our Creative Space and Time

    In the past, I’ve talked about charging your creative batteries. I’ve also talked about how to fight writer’s block. One of the biggest pieces of advice I offer in both articles is to set a time and space to create. Well, if I’ve learned anything during this time of isolation, it’s that the space and time we set to be creative can and will be interrupted and uprooted. For me, the coffee shops I use as my creative space are not an option right now. Sadly, these coffee shops might never be an option again as a lot of small businesses will tot survive. This means I need to find…

  • On Creativity

    What Drains Your Creative Batteries?

    Last month, I talked about ways to recharge your creative batteries. To recap, I mentioned techniques such as writing when you feel good, writing when you need to express pain, immersing yourself in life experiences, immersing yourself in creative “primers” and surround yourself with the right people. While these suggestions all work well to recharge your creative batteries, if you have a lot of “creative battery drain,” battery charging techniques will not be very effective. Let’s pretend your creativity is a phone. Sure, you know how to charge your phone, but maybe you have that one app which drains a lot of power. Maybe this hypothetical app gets stuck in…

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    Your Creative Batteries Need Recharging!

    A couple months ago, I wrote on how to get over writer’s block. I suggested a few things to combat writer’s block, including making time for writing (or whatever your creative endeavors might be). I neglected to say one important thing in that article – without energy, you’re not going to get anything done. Energy powers pretty much everything in the universe, from huge, atom smashing suns to our own thoughts. Granted, different forms and types of energy exist throughout the universe. There’s several types of physical energies, such as electricity, heat, light, chemical, and et cetera. There’s also non physical energies, such as mental and creative energies. Without our…

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    The Neverending Battle Against Writer’s Block

    Writer’s block. I have it right now. I am writing on my computer right now, unsure what I’ll type out. But you know what? That’s ok. I’m listening to Chicago, drinking water, sitting at my dining room table – and writing. Writer’s block happens to every writer. So, what do we do to combat writer’s block? Chicago battled writer’s block with 25 or 6 to 4 Like I said – I’m listening to Chicago, mostly because I watched a rockumentary on Chicago the other day (Now More than Ever, The History of Chicago). In this rockumentary, they explained the song “25 or 6 to 4” as a song about dealing…

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