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    Stop Messing with My Espresso!

    Hey people. I have a favor to ask. Stop Messing with My Espresso. Ok? I have not had a decent shot of espresso from a local coffee shop in – I don’t know how long. I used to take my normal drink (a large, quad americano) straight-up black. Sure, I might deviate and add something when I visit national chains. Lately, however, the taste of the espresso at any given coffee shop – locally owned or national chain – requires me to add cream. Period. So, I say this again: Stop Messing with My Espresso! What happened to Espresso? Second wave era American espresso was always a blend of a…

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    Third Wave Coffee and Beyond.

    As I write this, I’m in a Starbucks. I have a few excuses. For one, they’re everywhere. There’s also the fact that I have a few Starbucks cards loaded with various amounts, as well as a bevy of free drinks coming my way. I’m poor – so these things are important! That is not to say that I snub my nose on a good, local coffee shop. No, far from the truth! I love visiting independent coffee shops. Third wave, and fourth wave coffee is both delicious and rewarding. I’ll admit – while I’m a caffeine addict, I’m also a coffee connoisseur, and I’m happy that there are others out…

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    Oh rotten banana, you are my bane!

    Yesterday, I went to the store and bought some nice, yellowish green bananas. Just the way I like them – they should be nice and tasty. I usually take a few to work with me and leave them on my desk, but I forgot my damned bananas this morning. As if matters couldn’t get any worse, the bananas I brought with me yesterday were sitting on my desk,rotting and brown. I knew they were rotten and this is precisely why I bought bananas last night to begin with! What sane person actually buys bananas when they already have perfectly good bananas? But I digress… The point is the brown bananas…