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    Meeting the Cookie Monster Shaped my Career Path

    In 1982, I met the Cookie Monster.  Well…maybe not THE Cookie Monster – most likely just someone officially sanctioned to dress up in the Cookie Monster suit. But I digress. Meeting the Cookie Monster ended up playing a significant role in my professional life. I was 7 years old, and my mom heard about a radio contest to win tickets for Sesame Street Live. Sure, I had already pretty much outgrown the show, but my mom insisted I enter. I guess she  knew how much I loved the series even a year beforehand. “Meh, whatever,” I must have said to myself…and so I entered. The rules stated that I had…

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    Breaking Up with Godaddy.

    I’ve spent most of today doing something I should have done a long time ago….I’m breaking up with GoDaddy. I’ve had my domains and hosting with them for over ten years (maybe even closer to fifteen). The website literally launched and grew into its current form using GoDaddy’s servers. So why would I kick GoDaddy to the curb? Well, let me tell you!!!! The very first reason…a few years back, I found out their CEO hunted elephants. This bothered me enough that I thought “it’s time to change.” I, however, didn’t make the change at that point. I was much too busy to really look into what needed to…

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    I hate it when that happens!

    So, some of you may have seen a half written article about video games. This was nothing more than a draft, and was never meant to be seen in it’s current state. It’s got bad grammar, missing points, and needs a ton of editing. So what happened? Well, a month or so ago, I started writing it, and instead of save draft, I hit publish. So….being the optimist that I am, I unpublished it by putting a publishing date, thinking I would have this story finished by the time it went live. And then I forgot I started writing this! Yep! So….maybe my next post will be a bit more…

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    So, I’ve been busy

    And there’s not a whole lot of new content right now. BUT….there is news. I just opened up a new geek poetry website. I might concentrate on that site for a while, and come back here as my my mood changes. But fear not, fellow readers, I am not leaving you. will not die anytime soon. For now, please enjoy Geeky Poetry!