About Aaron


What is this blog? What is weird and strange corner of the web? It’s passion and pleasure, and even pain. It’s rants and raves, it’s beauty, art and even ugliness. It’s lies, and it’s truth. aaronjedwards.com is at times, a leakage of my brain to the Internet, and other times, it’s a well thought out essay. But how refined, or unrefined the content of this site may be, aaronjedwards.com is a portrait of who I am.

Aaron Edwards is a 41 year old television professional who lives in Portland, Oregon. In his free time he is an aspiring writer and amateur photographer and spends probably a little too much time on the Internet. He has one cat, Schroeder, who is a little too photogenic. It takes every piece of restraint Aaron has to not post photos of his cat all over this website. His favorite literary devices are juxtaposition and hyperbole. He loves music, he loves coffee, he loves sunsets. He loves his girlfriend very, very much.

What do you think?

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