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Iron Man must die!

Iron man must die! Or at least be thrown into the depths of the Universe – fitting punishment considering that’s exactly what he did to The Hulk. Serioulsy though! I am mad at the execs, writers, editors, and everyone else at Marvel Comics. Granted, I have yet to read World War Hulk, so I’m only dealing with the aftermath of Civil War, but to praise outright facism! I’m sorry, this is just plain WRONG! I suspect there’s a method to their madness, but that method might be make Iron Man one of the major heros because the Iron man movie just happens to be coming out in what, six months? Hmmm, Sell more Iron man books to movie goers, and sell more movie tickets to Marvel readers? Maybe. Or maybe the problem is as simple as what Comic book guy (from the Simpson’s suggested: “I have the Feeling Stan Lee’s Mind is not in mint condition.”
Seriously: I’m hoping Tony Stark gets what’s coming to him, I hope the Ghost of Captain America haunts Tony’s dreams….since we all know the assassination was really S.H.I.E.L.D.’s doing. And maybe while we’re at it, Nick Furry will come out of hiding, and with the aid of Spiderman (who was hoodwinked, and later rebelled against Iron Man), throws him to the Shi’ar or something!

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