• October Scary Story,  short fiction

    The Earworm of Doom

    Greetings, loyal readers. It’s October, and that means one thing – scary story time! Every year, in celebration of October and Halloween, I release a special short story focusing on things terrifying and horrific. This month, I shall tackle the subject of music. What’s that? You thought the music posts were gone from aaronjedwards.com? Permanently migrated to audioperfecta.com? Oh, you are mostly right…..however this is no ordinary music post. This is a cautionary tale about what you listen to….and how it might eat your brain. This is….the earworm of doom. Mwahahahaha! Chapter 1: The Discovery of the earworm of doom No one knows where the earworm of doom came from. Some…

  • Etymology, Words, and Writing

    Good Portmanteau vs Bad Portmanteau?

    What’s a portmanteau? The simple answer is two words, smashed together with the force of a charging elephant to form a new word (I choose my featured images well!). Lewis Carroll first coined portmanteau in Jabberwocky to describe words such as “chrotle” and “slithy.” Portmanteau merges two French Words, “porter” (to carry) and “manteau” (to carry). Portmanteaus have flooded languages ever since, though there are certainly the good portmanteaus and the bad portmanteaus. This, my friends, is what we will examine today. What are the truly great portmanteaus, and which ones should have never existed to begin with? Sharrow What is a Sharrow? A sharrow is a lane that is…

  • Etymology, Words, and Writing,  General geekiness

    Etymology Bites

    I fancy myself as an armchair etymologist, and thus I find myself in debates about the proper usage of words on a seemingly daily basis. Perhaps this comes from my background as an English major, or perhaps I just like to debate argue over semantics. Regardless, I seem to collect, from these debates, several “etymology bites.” In other words – a couple paragraphs worth of knowledge on a variety of words, phrases, and other language related things. These individual etymology bites amongst themselves do not constitute an entire article, and so up until now, I have refrained from writing anything more than a Facebook post on these given subjects. However,…

  • On Creativity

    What Drains Your Creative Batteries?

    Last month, I talked about ways to recharge your creative batteries. To recap, I mentioned techniques such as writing when you feel good, writing when you need to express pain, immersing yourself in life experiences, immersing yourself in creative “primers” and surround yourself with the right people. While these suggestions all work well to recharge your creative batteries, if you have a lot of “creative battery drain,” battery charging techniques will not be very effective. Let’s pretend your creativity is a phone. Sure, you know how to charge your phone, but maybe you have that one app which drains a lot of power. Maybe this hypothetical app gets stuck in…

  • On Creativity

    Your Creative Batteries Need Recharging!

    A couple months ago, I wrote on how to get over writer’s block. I suggested a few things to combat writer’s block, including making time for writing (or whatever your creative endeavors might be). I neglected to say one important thing in that article – without energy, you’re not going to get anything done. Energy powers pretty much everything in the universe, from huge, atom smashing suns to our own thoughts. Granted, different forms and types of energy exist throughout the universe. There’s several types of physical energies, such as electricity, heat, light, chemical, and et cetera. There’s also non physical energies, such as mental and creative energies. Without our…

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