A quick word about Albums, Audio Files, and Itunes

Tonight I am listening to the new Iron and Wine album, “The Shepard’s Dog” for the very first time. Its absolutely incredible (would I be writing about it if it wasn’t?). I could go on and on about it, but I’m only four tracks into it.
But I do want to talk about something; about a folly of music files, and the possible death of a standard album practice.
Track 3 “The Shepard’s dog” fades into track 4 – so its impossible to know where track 3 ends and track 4 begins. Nothing new mind you, its been done for decades. In fact, its pretty much a standard on album rock albums that at least once during said album, they’re going to do it.
So what separates this specific fade? Nothing really, except for the fact that there was a huge gap  in between songs breaking the continuity of the album when iTunes changed from track 3 to track 4! Now, I know I can switch the settings to eliminate this gap, and I have already done so to eliminate future instances. But why is this set as the default? Does iTunes and Apple care so little about entire albums, since most people only download a song or two nowadays? Seriously, I know how to change it, and any one with half a brain can find the option to do so, but what about those who are scared of computers? And there are a lot of them out there – many of them happen to be extremely brilliant people in other areas.
Ok, so this is turning int a rant session, isn’t it? Still, this is one of the follies of albums as a group of files, rather than a greater body of work.
Sigh, the album really is dying. May it rest in peace. May it rise again.

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