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Tell me a story…..

Aaronjedwards.com has, essentially, been a way to share my opinions with the rest of the world. On a bad day, it’s been a blog, on a good day, it’s been a polished article. There’s nothing wrong with that….but there is so much more to me than that! I am the collective history of my stories, and sometimes those stories are worth sharing. Therefore, I’ve decided it’s time to launch a new section of aaronjedwards.com, and that section is “tell me a story.” Tell me a story is a page dedicated to the quirky, odd, heart-wrenching, humorous, and just plain human. These stories will not be my opinion, though any autobiographical story will always tell the author’s opinion of what happened. And as James Frey once taught Oprah, autobiographies often times embellish, or even lie. Regardless, I will try to keep the creative licences to a bare minimal.

So sit back in a comfy chair, grab a warm beverage of your choice….and let me tell you a story.

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