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  • I hate it when that happens!

    So, some of you may have seen a half written article about video games. This was nothing more than a draft, and was never meant to be seen in it’s current state. It’s got bad grammar, missing points, and needs a ton of editing.

    So what happened? Well, a month or so ago, I started writing it, and instead of save draft, I hit publish. So….being the optimist that I am, I unpublished it by putting a publishing date, thinking I would have this story finished by the time it went live. And then I forgot I started writing this! Yep!

    So….maybe my next post will be a bit more polished. Until then, here’s a picture of a cute Cheetah:

    Isn't he cute?

    Awwww, hey there guy! You want to play? I think you do! Can I take you home?

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  • So, I’ve been busy

    And there’s not a whole lot of new content right now. BUT….there is news. I just opened up a new geek poetry website. I might concentrate on that site for a while, and come back here as my my mood changes. But fear not, fellow readers, I am not leaving you. Aaronjedwards.com will not die anytime soon.

    For now, please enjoy Geeky Poetry!

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