5 Overlooked Movies of the 2010 Oscars.

It is Oscar season once more; in just over a week, the anticipation will be over. Later this week, I’ll release my own picks. But before I start talking about best supporting actress best director, I want to pay head to those movies released this year that seem to have been left out of the Oscar party; movies that did so well in conveying their message through direction, writing, acting, and effects. So, without further adieu, I give you the five most overlooked movies of the 2010 Oscars:

Watchmen: I won’t say that Watchmen deserves a nomination for best picture, or even best adaptive screenplay, but to deny this film of any nominations in technical categories shows a lack of respect to those who worked so hard to make this film look and sound amazing. The special effects alone were amazing, and well worth the price of admission. The film editing did leave a little to be desired, yes, but the sound effects and mixing were among the best I have seen all year.

Where the Wild Things Are: My two favorite contenders for best picture (An Education, Up in the Air) are also up for best adaptive screenplay. As much as I love both movies, I would gladly see one of the two give up their spot for adaptive screenplay if it meant giving “Where the Wild Things Are” a shot at this Oscar. The movie takes a ten sentence book and turns it into a full 101 minute script with complex characters that appeal to both children and adults. In addition to best adaptive screenplay, Where the Wild Things Are should also be up for Music (original song). Karen O is a gifted songwriter, and talented vocalist. The song “All is Love” is beautiful and hopeful. The very fact that “All is Love” was not nominated, while the latest Disney movie had two songs nominated, makes me wonder about some bias on the nomination committee’s part.

The Invention of Lying: The critics hated this film, but I don’t think they gave it a fair shot. This film is pretty ambitious and strived to answer so many questions. Questions about God, religion, what is right, what is wrong (by the standards of those who consider themselves religious and those who do not): all tackled by this script. The scriptwriters knew what they were doing; at the very least, the film should have a nomination for best original screenplay.

Adventureland: Another film that deserves a nomination for best original screenplay (maybe best picture), Adventureland is smart, funny, and interesting. The characters are real people that you both love and hate, depending on the situation and the character. In addition, the characters themselves are a mixture of rich, and poor – jock and geek. Adventureland is a great tale of teenagers entering real life, and learning all they used to know in high school does not apply in the real world.

Sunshine Cleaning: A third movie that deserves a nomination for best original screenplay. Even aside from the writing, Sunshine Cleaning should at least have a nomination for best supporting actress. Emily Blunt was a show stealer and gave one of the best performances of ANY actress this year. I seriously do not know if I would have liked this movie as much as I did if it were not for Emily Blunt’s acting ability.