• On Creativity

    Resetting Our Creative Space and Time

    In the past, I’ve talked about charging your creative batteries. I’ve also talked about how to fight writer’s block. One of the biggest pieces of advice I offer in both articles is to set a time and space to create. Well, if I’ve learned anything during this time of isolation, it’s that the space and time we set to be creative can and will be interrupted and uprooted. For me, the coffee shops I use as my creative space are not an option right now. Sadly, these coffee shops might never be an option again as a lot of small businesses will tot survive. This means I need to find…

  • Advice and how to

    The Road to Habit-Breaking

    At the start of 2020, I decided to make a few changes in my life. These aren’t big changes mind you, mostly just the breaking of a few bad habits. While I have had a various amount of success, the process of habit-breaking itself has taught me a great deal. Before I share this newly found habit-breaking wisdom, I should note that not everyone will find success in my methods. In my research for this article, I found this list, which takes a full-on different approach to habit-breaking. My tips on habit-breaking worked for me, but they might not work for you. Still, I do hope you find some nuggets…

  • Coffee,  Food and Drink

    Stop Messing with My Espresso!

    Hey people. I have a favor to ask. Stop Messing with My Espresso. Ok? I have not had a decent shot of espresso from a local coffee shop in – I don’t know how long. I used to take my normal drink (a large, quad americano) straight-up black. Sure, I might deviate and add something when I visit national chains. Lately, however, the taste of the espresso at any given coffee shop – locally owned or national chain – requires me to add cream. Period. So, I say this again: Stop Messing with My Espresso! What happened to Espresso? Second wave era American espresso was always a blend of a…

  • Etymology, Words, and Writing

    Fighting Grammar Dyslexia

    Disclaimer: This article shows my own personal experiences with what I’ve dubbed as “grammar dyslexia” and what has helped me. While I hope my experiences help others, I in no way have the credentials to give any medical or mental health advice. If you need any help with any form of dyslexia, please contact a professional. Today, someone on the official Elvis Costello page asked: “Where exactly did peace, love, and understanding go?” I sarcastically wrote, “It got eaten by a bear.” For those without a total recall of every Elvis Costello reference, this refers to 2008’s A Colbert Christmas. During this TV special, Stephen Colbert, Willie Nelson, Feist, and…

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