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    Grief Attack!

    What is a grief attack? What causes them? And how do you deal with them? My story will be different from yours, but maybe some of what I say about grief attacks might help you

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    Resetting Our Creative Space and Time

    In the past, I’ve talked about charging your creative batteries. I’ve also talked about how to fight writer’s block. One of the biggest pieces of advice I offer in both articles is to set a time and space to create. Well, if I’ve learned anything during this time of isolation, it’s that the space and time we set to be creative can and will be interrupted and uprooted. For me, the coffee shops I use as my creative space are not an option right now. Sadly, these coffee shops might never be an option again as a lot of small businesses will tot survive. This means I need to find…

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    The Road to Habit-Breaking

    At the start of 2020, I decided to make a few changes in my life. These aren’t big changes mind you, mostly just the breaking of a few bad habits. While I have had a various amount of success, the process of habit-breaking itself has taught me a great deal. Before I share this newly found habit-breaking wisdom, I should note that not everyone will find success in my methods. In my research for this article, I found this list, which takes a full-on different approach to habit-breaking. My tips on habit-breaking worked for me, but they might not work for you. Still, I do hope you find some nuggets…